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What is CZ LOKO Virtual Depo?

CZ LOKO Virtual Depot is a virtual showroom, which allows you to view models of the company's locomotives in Virtual Reality headset, 3D on a computer and mobile phone. Its main advantage is the possibility of full viewing of the model machines, their configuration and technical details. For business opportunities, Virtual Depot offers a realtime tour accompanied by a CZ LOKO specialist.

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CZLOKO Virtual Depot is unique in that you can run it on all your devices that use a web browser - without the need for any installation.

So it's up to you to choose which device you want to use for the tour:

3D tour on desktop

- PC or laptop

  • To enter the application, click on the application window.
  • View control - rotate by dragging with the left mouse button pressed. Zoom with the mouse wheel.
  • Additional controls can be found in the left side menu of the application.



Mobile VR

- mobile phone tour - with Cardboard VR (3DoF) or mobile VR headset

  • The application is controlled by an active cursor in the form of a small circle in the middle of the panel.
  • To activate the item (confirmation or "press button") it is necessary to keep the cursor on the active item for 3s.
  • To move in space, the so-called teleportation is used - to move, just select the element displayed on the "floor" (by holding the cursor and waiting for 3s).



Full VR

- full VR tour - complete freedom of movement!

  • Open the app using the web address in your browser in the VR headset.
  • When you arrive on the web, use the rotary pushbutton or gesture to launch the app.
  • To switch to VR mode, select the icon in the bottom left menu with the VR glasses symbol.
  • To move in the application over a longer distance, we use the so-called teleportation. By pointing the controller pointer (laser) and selecting it, you move to the selected location.
  • To control and select elements in the application - activate the element by pressing the rotary pushbutton.



Guided tour

- together with the CZ LOCO specialist

  • You will receive a unique url address of the virtual showroom, where you will be waiting for our specialist, i.e. his virtual avatar.
  • For real-time voice communication using the device, the microphone must be enabled in your browser and device.

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