CZ LOKO a.s. introduces the CZ LOKO Virtual Depot project, which allows its visitors to experience the top industrial design and performance of CZ LOKO locomotives in virtual reality in a VR headset, on mobile display devices and in classic 3D display on personal computers.

Visitors to the CZ LOKO Virtual Depot have, in addition to viewing individual locomotive models, also the opportunity to look into the construction details of the locomotives, test the configuration of individual machines or directly participate in a commented real-time tour in virtual reality accompanied by a CZ LOKO expert.

CZ LOKO Virtual Depot represents a major development step in business communication for the company, which is interested in using the system as one of the main platforms for presenting and selling its products to business partners or training its employees in the future.

In this respect, the system will offer registered users, by invitation, access to a real virtual showroom with a customized end model setup along with real-time communication with a sales representative.

“Innovation is often the result of constraints. The current one is also very fundamentally changing the way we think about communicating with our customers and fan community. Locomotives are the personification of something truly physical, so their sales and presentation have always traditionally been dependent on a personal inspection. That is no longer possible. We wouldn’t have so many years of tradition in manufacturing if we stopped at every hurdle. If we can’t meet in physical reality, we change it. To virtual.”
– says Jan Hošek from CZ LOKO a.s. about the idea of a virtual showroom.

What are the main features of CZ LOKO Virtual Depot for the first version?

  • display of the locomotive model and structural elements in VR and 3D
  • realtime virtual reality tour guided by a consultant from CZ LOKO
  • Locomotive equipment configurator with order option

The first version of the CZ LOKO Virtual Depot system will be tested by visitors of the CZ LOKO Technical Conference, which will take place on 27 May 2021 online. It will be presented to the public a week later.